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Meet the 2024 Berwyn Shops Cohort! Throughout the third season, the vendors are offering everything from crafted candles and handmade textiles to gorgeous accessories and baked goods. Continue reading below to learn more about their passions, products, and stories!

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Four Star

Handcrafted Coffee


Inspired by their experiences in Sydney, Gricelda and Chris embarked on a journey of home coffee roasting to discover diverse flavors and regions. Recognizing their unique blend, they launched Four Star Handcrafted Coffee to share their passion with the world. With deep roots in Chicago's history, the brand strives to unite coffee enthusiasts through a commitment to quality brews.

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El Churro Bueno
@ Churro Bueno

El Churro Bueno emerged from Nancy's pursuit of crafting healthy, delicious treats, including sugar-free "Flaquitos" and gluten-free pastries. Inspired by her cherished pug Churro, the bakery blends tradition with wellness, offering Mexican pastries that honor Nancy's cultural heritage. El Churro Bueno invites guilt-free indulgence and creates cherished memories.

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Nzuri Kulture

@Nzuri Kulture

Nzuri, meaning "good/beautiful" in Swahili, reflects its dedication to wellness through reiki and aromatherapy. Established in 2020 amid the pandemic, Nzuri Kulture emphasizes the importance of self-care. As a Reiki Practitioner, Katrina creates aromatherapy-centered products, including intention candles, dessert-inspired candles, aromatic sprays, skincare, and sage, to uplift clients' moods.

Rites of Wellness Holistic Healing


Founded by Certified Herbalist Lea Bempah, Rites of Wellness Holistic Healing is a heart-centered, joy of medicine making apothecary in the practice of community healing and education, offering self-made plant-based medicines since 2017. Grounded in personal experience, intuition and herbal education, their remedies and holistic teachings have reached over 25 states while uplifting their mission, "Creating Change Through Plant Wisdoms and Ritual".

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Sweet Sherry Pie


From childhood dream to renowned pastry chef in Chicago, Sherry's journey brims with passion. Every pie and pastry at Sweet Sherry Pie reflect her care and commitment, offering nostalgia and joy in every bite. It's not just desserts; it's an unforgettable, tasteful experience for all who visit.

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Girón Guatemalan Apparel + Home


Girón Guatemalan Apparel + Home emerged from humble beginnings in Antigua, Guatemala. Founded by Chicago natives, the brand celebrates Guatemalan heritage through handcrafted apparel, home décor, and accessories. Experience the culture expressed in every piece, from pillows and rugs to totes and wallets, along with apparel for children and adults.

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Scalp & Skin Solutions


Scalp & Skin Solutions is revolutionizing the hair and skincare industry. Founded by Jennifer and her own struggle with hair loss, the brand offers a range of natural products tailored to address various issues such as alopecia, psoriasis, and acne. Scalp & Skin Solutions’ mission is to bring Mother Nature's healing powers to mankind.

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Kika's Jewelry

Kika's Jewelry draws inspiration from Erica's parents' success in the jewelry industry. Offering a distinct array of handmade accessories like crochet earrings and keychains, alongside versatile fashion jewelry for all occasions, Erica is eager to enrich the shopping experience for her clients at the Berwyn Shops.

Berwyn Shops Vendor Announcement18.png

Diosza is more than a skincare brand —it's a voyage of self-love and empowerment. Inspired by a personal quest for self-care, Yasmeen meticulously crafts products using quality ingredients that nourish both the skin and soul. With bath soaps, body butters, and more, Diosza invites you to embrace your natural beauty and awaken your inner goddess.

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 Jelipe’s Pet Boutique 


Understanding the beauty of an owner-pet relationship, Kenia knows that love in every stitch of her handmade pet clothes guarantees that your pet feels the love through the fabric. Encouraging cultural expression, she offers diverse clothing and accessories through the use of vibrant colors. Kenia is ready to support your pet-ternal love.

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Wellness Junkie LLC @awellnessjunkielife

Wellness Junkie embraces holistic well-being. Their range of activewear, loungewear, and accessories is tailored for personal growth in mental, physical, emotional, spiritual, and financial realms, empowering individuals to become the best version of themselves. Inspired by Patrice's postpartum experiences, the brand's quality clothing supports your wellness journey every step of the way.

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Azareth’s Little Bowtique @azareth_bowtique

During Tania's pregnancy she found an outlet through creating accessories and learned she had a passion for crafting beautiful and unique items. This ultimately led to the creation of Azareth's Little Bowtique, where you can find the perfect accessory for anyone looking for a little pop of color and fun. Azareth Little Bowtique is more than just accessories, the Bowtique gives everyone the opportunity to feel unique and show how special they truly are!

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