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" You would never know how much you can learn from this program, unless you give it a try. Visualize yourself and all the things you can possibly do at the Berwyn Shops, that will be beneficial to your business and personal growth."

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Throughout 2022, our vision for a homegrown project turned into a reality!

Located on Roosevelt Rd, the Berwyn Shops is a retail incubator designed to provide entrepreneurs with the support they need to succeed: a storefront, education, promotion, and resources. After only 6 months of on-site construction, the inaugural season launched with 12 women-owned small businesses, offering everything from baked goods and home décor to artisanal accessories and beauty products.

From the day they opened in June to the moment they closed in December, the 12 business owners poured their all into their mini storefronts. They were on site every weekend for almost 7 months, and spent countless hours making products, attending monthly trainings, and crafting marketing materials.


Their passion for their businesses paid off. Throughout the season, the vendors broke sales records, sold out events, secured new contracts, expanded their followings, and even represented the Shops on TV! Specifically, the Berwyn Shops were featured across 15 news outlets, on 2 podcasts, and at two state conferences. They are inspiring city officials and entrepreneurs alike across the entire country!


In addition to supporting the 12 businesses, the retail incubator became a vibrant community space for entrepreneurs, artists, and musicians. In 2022, the Shops hosted over 28 pop-up vendors, 11 artists, and 6 musicians. The vendors also collaborated with Berwyn businesses, non-profits, and local officials to host over 45 special events on site.

As a result, 6931 Roosevelt Rd has become a destination for new shoppers and new businesses - none of which would be possible without the loyalty of the Berwyn community and our 15 partners. Whether you attended an event on site, served as a juror, or spent all your paycheck at the Shops (like our team did), you impacted the lives of our vendors and Berwyn’s business community.

Celebrating our 2022 Graduating Cohort!

To commemorate the completion of the Berwyn Shops’ inaugural season, we hosted a graduation ceremony on January 27, 2023. Community partners, frequent shoppers, friends, and family joined us in celebrating the season’s successes, thanking the Berwyn community for their overwhelming support, and highlighting our incredible vendors!

Also joining the festivities were our Platinum Community Partners who have supported this homegrown project since groundbreaking. Specifically, we’d like to thank Mayor Robert J. Lovero, Berwyn City Council, Cook County Small Business Source, Women’s Business Development Center, BMO Bank, and Industrial Fence, Inc. for your dedication to the Shops. The Shops would not exist without each of you!


One more time, join us in celebrating the graduating cohort of the Berwyn Shops! We hope that you look forward to their upcoming grand openings, exciting announcements, and the Shops season 2023!


For a recap of the 2022 Season’s highlights, check out the Berwyn Shops photo galleries.


Where Are They Now?

Keep in touch with the 2022 Berwyn Shops Vendors 

Date NIte.JPG

Date Nite Beaute

3212 S. Grove Ave, Berwyn IL 60402

IG: @DateNiteBeaute

Flores by Alba.png

Flores by Alba

IG: @FloresByAlba

FB: @FloresByAlba



Juicey Gems

7003 Cermak Rd. Berwyn, IL 60402

IG: @Juicey_Gems

FB: @juiceygems

K Shulada.jpg
Los Amigos.JPG

Los Amigos Books

7003 Cermak Rd. Berwyn, IL 60402

IG: @Los_Amigos_Books

Makrame Green.JPG

Makrame Green

7003 Cermak Rd. Berwyn, IL 60402

IG: @Makrame.Green

Giana Graduation Photo.png
So Soft.jpg

So Soft Beauty

7117 W Roosevelt Rd

Suite A Berwyn IL 60402

IG: @SoSoftBeautySkinCare

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The Vulgar Vegan at the BBQ cook off - Image.JPG
Sep - ITIA Conference.jpeg

Valerie Vedral, Laura Romani, and Alba Mendez did an INCREDIBLE job representing the Berwyn Shops at the 2022 Illinois Tax Increment Association (ITIA) Conference! Our 3 vendors joined the BDC team as panelists, sharing their proudest moments at the Berwyn Shops, biggest challenges as small business owners, and lessons they have learned so far.


Valerie, Laura, and Alba even gave the 120+ attendees a sneak peek of new products coming to the site, impressive partnerships in the works, and their current plans for life after the incubator!


Tania Marquez

Sugar Sweet Dreams

"The Berwyn Shops have given me the opportunity to experience the essence of what it is like to have a store front.  Not only have I built relationships with other local small businesses, but also with the community, that for so long I had wished to do so, by providing my innovative cakes, pastries & hands-on kid’s decorating workshops."


Alba Mendez

Flores by Alba

"Small Business Saturday is very important. The money that I will be making will go back directly Into my life back, into feeding my family as well as into my business so I can grow bigger and hopefully provide future job opportunities in my hometown."


Elizabeth Aguirre

Juicey Gems

"Being a part of the Berwyn Shops has presented many resources and opportunities to learn how to manage a successful business. From webinars to in person networking with members of the community, I feel excited for the continued growth of my business in Cook county."


Laura Romani

Los Amigos Books

"Having a mini store-front at the Berwyn Shops took my business to the next level! This physical presence helped me foster several important client relationships and allowed me to build a positive community space where families could come together to celebrate their language and culture."


Giana Moreno

Ritual Theory

"It is an honor to be able to serve the cook county community. To be a business owner here means community is key. I hold space for community by helping my clients pick the right resources/products that will support their journey of inner blossoming in addition to holding events, workshops, and spiritual advising."

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